Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Coral Rocks of Bonaire

Back on June 3, I posted some pictures of the cool rocks we have found on our hill climbing expeditions here on Bonaire. Those rocks are special because most of the rest of Bonaire is made up of fossilized coral reefs.

The weathered grey hills and eroded ground here on Bonaire look like lava rock to me (having never seen real lava, of course) but it's calcium, as you can see when you break off a piece and see its white underbelly.

Here is a shot of Boka Kokalishi, in Washington Park, showing lots of grey rock, both in the foreground and in the background.

Here is a closer look at one of the rock outcrops in the first photo, showing that it is really a chunk of coral reef.

A close up shot, showing some of the cool detail you can see in the coral rocks of Bonaire. Posted by Picasa

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