Friday, March 24, 2006

Washington Park Panorama

This is sort of a test. I stitched together a few pictures that I took from the top of Seru Yuwana, in Washington Park. You can see Brandaris towards the left side and the shoreline somewhat near the park entrance on the right end. If this doesn't work, I may delete this posting at some point. If this does work, I'll try some more panoramas when I can find some images taken on clearer days.

Well.... it looks like Blogger resized this image... so you can't get the full effect.

Okay.... I've posted the picture on my club photo site. Club photo site is now fixed so you can see the full image. If you click on the "panorama 1" thumbnail, you'll see it a little bigger. You'll also see a link for the "full size image" or something like that. If you click that and if you're browser doesn't automatically resize the images, (see below) you can pan across the panorama and get the full effect.

My guess is that to get the full effect of this panoramic image, you'll have to tell Internet Explorer not to automatically resize images. Then, after you click on the thumbnail image, you will be able to use the scroll bar to pan along the panorama.

To change the Internet Explorer setting, you click on "Tools" at the top of the screen,
and then the "Internet Options" line at the bottom of the drop down menu.
Then you click on the "advanced" tab on the box that opens.
Scroll down to the "multimedia" section, and the first line in that section says "enable automatic image resizing."
You would uncheck that box (and click the "apply" button) to keep the image full size and use the scroll bars to look at different parts of the picture.

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