Monday, March 13, 2006

Biking and Hiking

I rode my bike to Washington Park last Saturday. I then navigated my way through the winding roads and climbed Seru Yuwana, and got a GPS reading at the survey marker on top. I think Seru Yuwana may be the second highest "peak" in the park.

I took lots of pictures, too, so I can remember the lay of the land. There are so many hills out there that it is easy to get confused.

I think it's high time for another picture of Brandaris. heh-heh
I've never seen it from this angle before.

We are still experiencing unseasonably great weather for exploring Bonaire. Cloudy and cool is not normal here, but it is nice. You can still get sunburned if you want to, so that Caribbean tan thing is still an option for those so inclined. I try to avoid the sun as much as possible, actually.

We're still getting the occasional rain shower. The rain helps keep the dust down, and I always like spotting rainbows. Posted by Picasa

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