Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Pedrito el Pulpo update

One of the Spanish language programs that we broadcast from Bonaire is the kids program, "Pedrito el Pulpo", or Peter the Octopus. This radio program is produced by our TWR-Venezuela partner.

The team also hosts rallies across the country, where children flock to see puppets impersonate their favorite radio characters, and where many needy children receive kits containing schools supplies and a Pedrito el Pulpo story and cassette tape. A new wrinkle this year is that they are able to have kids rallies in the schools in one of the major Venezuelan cities.

Check out the Pedrito el Pulpo web site which has recently been updated as well.

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Jimena said...

The great thing about reading this post is that I remember years and years ago I was one of the kids recording some of the "Pedrito el Pulpito" stories at T.W.R. Bonaire. That was a lot of fun.