Thursday, July 14, 2005

Waiting for Emily

Unlike, Godot, it looks like Emily will indeed arrive.

Wednesday night, Bonaire was within the "cone of uncertainty". I call it the cone of doom, but I guess one can't say that on TV.

This morning, Emily has veered a teeny tiny bit North, so the ABC islands are outside the cone. Whoo whoo! I imagine that even if Emiliy passes us by to the North, we'll still have a wind reversal and some damage along the shore etc.

It looks like we'll have the final answer by this evening and we'll in the thick of things later tonight. A direct hit by a storm like Emily, would basically demolish Bonaire, much like what happened to Grenada a year ago.

So we're praying that Bonaire will be spared once again, both for selfish self-preservation type reasons, and also to preserve the broadcast ministry of TWR, which is such an important part of the lives of so many, from Cuba to the North, all the way down into the Amazon basin to the South.

You can track Emily at this web site, or at weather dot com.

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