Thursday, July 28, 2005

MKs all over the place

We are currently enjoying a invasion of MKs (missionary kids) here on Bonaire.

Christophe Lusse and his familiy are visiting. There is a picture of Christophe in a posting from July 14 or so.

Bob(by) Flaming was just here to help with the CEF camp last week, and his sister Sara Lyn is here for a couple months working on a book.

And I had a nice chat with David Romo, who was at the Sunday say-goodby-to-Renata pot luck at the Church. David is married, living on Bonaire with his wife and two sons, and teaching in a school here. He is building a house in Bel Nem, in what used to be the mondi where he played and built forts when he was a kid.

There is now a huge housing development to the East of the coast road in Bel Nem. The mondi area East of the original houses in Hato has also been completely built up.

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