Thursday, July 28, 2005

Renata Fairwell

Renata has been a fixture here at TWR, Bonaire since she came from Brazil in 1976. Yesterday, we said our good-byes at the airport as she left to join the team at the TWR headquarters in Cary, NC.

We had a reception for her at our staff meeting last week, as well as a ladies lunch on Friday, and a pot luck reception at the church on Sunday.

Here we are, hanging out in the mail room - staff lounge. TWR old timers may recognise this room as the entrance lobby of the office wing. We have our weekly staff meeting in here now.

Renata received a Bonaire book, that her friends were all able to sign for her.

Yum yum!

Here we see Azalea and Ivan Statia, and Sara Lyn (Flaming), with Udo lurking on the right edge of the picture. Posted by Picasa

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