Saturday, February 19, 2005

Trip to Curacao

We flew to Curacao on Valentines day to visit a doctor. We'll be back for some tests in the near future. Had a great Valentines day lunch at Pizza Hut and visited a warehouse type store. Big stuff after one has been on Bonaire for a couple years.

We flew on a Divi Divi puddle jumper plane. There is a great picture of it on their web page. They do a great job with charter and commuter flights. They fly low and slow, so taking a cue from my father in law' s success last summer, I brought a camera along and took lots of photos. Next time I'll bring the camera as well as a cloth to clean the plane's window!

Here is a view of our neighborhood. The squiggly black arrow points to our house. Posted by Hello

Notice the clear aqua water and the way the bottom drops off to the deep blue depths quite close to the shore.

You can also see the water and electric plant that had the fire recently just below the middle of the arrow. The big generators are still out of commission, so it is nice and quiet at our house, but we still have the occasional rolling blackout.

The majority of the houses in this picture weren't there when I first came to Bonaire in 1975. In fact, the Dutch marines were having war games in the area just above the arrow my first night on the island. Woke me up about 2am, scared to death and wondering just what sort of third world disaster I had gotten myself into. Then I looked out the window and saw the Lowell kids out in the street watching the action and decided that, appearances to the contrary, it must be safe. I found out the next day what was going on.

The marines and their gear proved to be great "kid magnets." It was amusing to see the soldiers try to cope with finding their carefully camouflaged machine gun nest - ambush site swarming with curious kids.

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