Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Great Washington Park Group Ride

A bunch of us old geezers and a few Dutch younguns did another group ride at Washington Park last Saturday. It was breezy and cool, for Bonaire that is. The temps were probably in the low 80s. The park was busy with bird counters (the annual Lora census) and goat wranglers. We saw a rainbow at the start but didn't actually get rained on ourselves. The dirt roads were hard packed but bumpy.

Here is our happy group near the start of the ride. You can click on the pix to see them bigger.

February is the perfect Bonaire month for outdoor activities. It is starting to dry out a little, the wind is picking up a little, but it's not too hot yet and the Sahara dust hasn't started blowing our way from Africa, so the skies are nice and clear.

Here we see, from left to right, TWR missionary Jon Savage, and Laura and George De Salvo, of the "Bonaire Reporter." Bonaire lovers can get an online subscription to the Bonaire Reporter. We have one, 'cause we don't always get to pick up one of the print versions.

There is an amazing large shady patio at Slag Bai now. You've got the gorgeous water on one side, flamingoes on the other side, and a nice cool breeze this time of the year, even at 11 am.

One could just hang out here for hours.

I didn't 'cause I still had a long ride home. It takes about 45 minutes to get back to the park gate from here, and another 40 to 45 to ride back home from the park to Hato. Posted by Hello

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