Monday, February 07, 2005

Big Fire on Bonaire

There was a BIG fire a the WEB power generating plant right next to our house early this morning. You could see the flames from "all over the island." Bob Thorp saw them quite easily from the TWR studios at any rate.

I woke up when our power went off around 4:45 am because the UPS that we have our computer plugged into started beeping. The crazy thing is that I didn't notice the fire, because there are two big water storage tanks between our house and the power plant, and apparently they blocked everything. I did hear the heavy equipment roaring around over there etc. They brought over some of the monster sized foam equipped fire trucks from the airport to put out the fire.

So, we have no power at home and there is no power in Belnem and at the transmitter site. So we are thankful that they place didn't blow up and level our house, but are praying that they will be able to get the power restored, especially to our transmitters, soon.

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