Monday, December 13, 2004

Monday Musings

Our internet access at home has been down since Thursday afternoon. It's amazing how much we've come to depend on it, having had it for less than a year at this point. I've got some pictures to post, but that will have to wait 'till we get connected again - I haven't put the software that lets me upload pix on my computer at work.

We've seen the comet a couple more times. The skies are really clear and dark, in between the clouds, 'cause the rain has washed all the dust out of the air. The comet it just about exactly where the finder chart (the second more detailed one) says it should be.

A bunch of us did a group ride in Washington Park on Saturday morning. It is nice and cool for bike riding, compared to the summer months anyway. The dirt roads in the park are a real mess because of the crazy rainy season we've had. I think my 1.5 hour personal best for riding through the park is safe for a while. Riding fast would be very difficult right now. Survival is the order of the day - which on a mtn. bike, is a lot of fun in it's own right.

I had a blast. I was the only one who rode out from Slac Bai, and got out just ahead of the mind bogglingly torrential rains that hit. The others in a F-150 pickup weren't sure if they were going to make it. The rushing waters were such that they couldn't identify where the road was in places.
I only got lightly rained on, which served to keep me from overheating in the roller coaster hills on the way out. The town of Rincon got hammered too. When I rode through Rincon, there were still fast moving rivers crossing some of the roads - like 3 to 6 inches deep rushing muddy water.

Because of the rain, the dirt road shortcut from Rincon to home would have been really a mess, so I rode back on the paved East road. It was quite a bit farther to ride, but at least I knew I would eventually get home in one piece. I've had the wheels and frame get so clogged up with mud on that other road that it stopped me cold. No pix of this bike ride, you had to be there....

We had not one, but two cruise ships in port on Sunday. One of them was the Queen Mary 2. That thing is HUGE. It seemed like everyone on Bonaire was there to see it. Of course that was only about four times the number of people who arrived on the ship. I'll post some pix when I can.

I've got some pix of our two new bird baths, I mean satellite dishes, too.

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