Thursday, December 23, 2004

Activities Building

Here's what the TWR Activities Building is looking like these days. Our church meets there on Sundays. AWANA meets there, as do our monthly socials for the medical school students.

Since there are only a few us still here with TWR, the facilities have been made available to some others too. The Bonaire Youth Outreach Foundation meets here on Saturday evenings. A couple other local churches also use the outside area for game nights. Posted by Hello

That's Playa Trading, a big hardware and building materials supplier, in the background. Kaya Amsterdam, the road in the picture, pretty much has continuous buildings the length of the street. When I first came to Bonaire, TWR and Cambes were just about the only things there. In fact, the first time I crossed the street from the offices to the Act. Building, I thought that Kaya Amsterdam was a driveway!

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