Friday, December 03, 2004

Going... Going... Gone

This is the machine that has been dismantling the old hotel, across the street from the TWR studios. That claw thing on the end can go up and down and left and right, but most importantly, can also spin. When it grabs a piece of wall and spins/twists the wall pops right off!

You can click on the pictures to see them bigger.

Here's a view of the demolition progress as seen from our old office wing, which is now a school. The machine just crawls along munching on the structure like a giant locust. Lots of people have been stopping by to witness a Bonaire institution disappear.

If I were still located in my old office, which had a window, I'd have a first class view now. Our offices are now in the double walled, soundproofed, windowless studio building.

Once I'm installed in front of my computer workstation, I don't know if its sunny or stormy, day or night.

But believe it or not, one day recently, it rained so hard that I actually did hear it from my office, in what used to be the music library when I first came to Bonaire in the mid 70s.

Here is the view from the studio side, with the new airconditioning condenser in the foreground and our green "Frog" in the parking lot.

This site would make a great park. The view, looking across to Klein Bonaire is most excellent. The beach itself got hammered by hurricane Lenny, a few years ago, but could be easily cleaned up.Posted by Hello

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