Monday, November 01, 2004

Ho Ho Hoe-ing

Saturday dawned rainy and cloudy, and stayed that way. So I didn't get in my usual mega bike ride. I cross trained by hoe-in the weeds in our back yard. On Bonaire we don't mow, we hoe. Mowing is easier, believe me.

Here is a "real estate listing" type shot of the back yard.

Here it is from another, more blah, angle. Posted by Hello

I tried to talk a couple of our resident livestock into posing out there in the yard, for scale etc. but was duly informed, "We may be brainless quadrupeds, but even we know that the only thing to do in the middle of the day on Bonaire is sleep in the shade. Preferably inside, but if that isn't possible, then under a vehicle of some sort."

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