Tuesday, October 26, 2004

What's Wrong with this Picture?

Something is wrong and it has been wrong since last Thursday.
I shot this Monday afternoon.
You can click on it to make it bigger.

Here's a slightly different angle. It might help you identify the problem.
I suspect that people who've actually been to Bonaire will have an easier time with this.Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

Looks like somebody turned the building around because the flags are pointing towards it instead of away from it. That must have been a lot of work!

Anonymous said...

What's wrong is that you're taking that picture and not riding around the north end. Finally a day of flying back from bopec on your bike instead of slogging it out against the wind. :)
Might even be able to make a new record cause the trees would block most of the wind on the way out. Although that would necesitate being in shape unlike your slacker son....ME.