Monday, October 18, 2004

Awana Action on Bonaire

We just had our third week of Awana action here on Bonaire. We didn't get started as early in as usual this year because we were preoccupied with all the special TWR activities in August.

Word is starting to get out as kids tell their friends and the numbers are growing. It's great to see the happy faces of returning clubbers, and we're glad to see new kids as well. This is an effective outreach into the community because only a few of the kids are from our church.

Friday was funny hat and hair night, always a favorite. Even new kids came dressed up with funny hats and hair, so the clubbers are communicating well.

The leaders got involved too. You can see photos of lots more kids as well as some of the leaders looking funny on my club photo web site. Pix of Sandra and me are are in there too.

Since there are fewer kids right now, they get a great workout during game time. There isn't as much waiting around for one's turn to come up to play.Posted by Hello

It's also easier to give the kids more personal attention during handbook time, because the leaders to kids ratio is high. We have a bunch of new leaders this year, many of them from Dennis and Luca's Bonaire Youth Outreach Foundation youth ministry.

The other big news this year is that the Sparkies are back. We've only had Awana for third through sixth graders the last few years, but with our new pool of leaders, we've been able to include the younger kids again. I've got Sparks pix on the club photo site too.

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