Saturday, November 06, 2004

My Rain ... Your Gain

Well, faithful blog readers, I was up before sunrise today, all set for my first ride on my "new" bike. I bought it on eBay back in August and just got it out of Customs on Wednesday. I assembled it but couldn't ride on Thur. or Fri. because of other commitments.

Wouldn't you know it, just as I went out the door, a big old rain cloud came up and the proverbial cats and dogs came pouring down. The rain was accompanied by one big clap of thunder, that had our dogs checking their insurance policies (close proximity to Sandra) and also insured that I wouln't be so foolish as to take a brand new (for me) bike out for a ride in the rain.

Well, since I'm already bored with peddling the bike on my indoor trainer, I'm in here blogging instead of riding. grrrrr....

But, the sky is blue again. The roads are drying... so that shakedown run will probably happen soon. Then its off to the office later today, where someone is going to be looking at some of the cycling gear I'm selling to balance the budget, and that oh so important "bike to dog" ratio in our home.

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