Thursday, August 19, 2004

Memory Lane

Berni Lusse and Susie Milgate have assembled photo panels with pictures of the TWR of yesteryear. Posted by Hello

They are in the studio lobby for the 40th anniversary celebration and will stay there after that.

I have photos of each of these panels on my club photo site. I left the photos at a very high resolution, so if you have Internet Explorer set to NOT auto resize the pictures, you will be able to scroll around and see the individual pictures on these panels.

Sandra has put scans of some of these archival photos on the TWR Bonaire web site, so you can see them full size. There are links to them from the home page.


Anonymous said...

Very cool photos. Although, you might mention to someone to turn the pink musical note in this picture's backwards!

Stem up on the right, stem down on the left. :)

Brad said...

Duly Noted heh-heh