Monday, May 10, 2004

Weekend Fun

Mighty Mouse wasn't the only one who was active this past weekend.

We've been going out each clear evening to keep tabs on our Comet buddy. It has been climbing rapidly (for a comet) to the northeast and is much easier to spot now.

I saw it as late as 9-9:30 pm, after an Elder's meeting, on Thursday. It looked a lot better around 8 pm last night. It was a little south of the bright star, Procyon, last night. It will still be near Procyon tonight, maybe more East than South though. The comet is fairly easy to spot, if you know where to look, but it isn't going to jump out of the sky with only a casual glance, at least not in our Bonaire skies.

In binoculars, there seems to be a nice wispy tail pointing sort of East.

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