Monday, May 03, 2004

Monkey on the loose in Hato

Our dogs were barking a lot on Saturday evening and on Sunday we found out why. A monkey had escaped and was wandering around the neighborhood. It ended up at the West house (ex McElhaney, ex Britton house etc).

The vet came and used a mini blowgun to stick the monkey with a tranquilizer dart. Amado Felix helped the vet wrap the monkey in a cloth and put it in a dog carrier for the ride home. The monkey woke up quickly. The owners weren't there so the vet and Amado braved the five dogs in the yard and got the monkey back in its cage. Then one of the dogs hopped in the cage too, so they had to remove the dog while the monkey freaked out. It must have been pretty crazy.

Rich West took some photos. Here is a picture of the monkey on the West's car. It wouldn't let anyone approach too near, so they had to resort to the tranq. dart.

Here the vet prepares the tranquilizer while Amado Felix looks on. The dog carrier can be seen in the background.

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