Monday, May 17, 2004

Washington Park by Bike 2

I rode the main Washington Park loop on my mtn. bike again on Saturday morning. It was sunnier than the previous week but windier too, so the net effect was similar.

I had two full Camelbaks for drinking, two packs of granola bars for munching, a water bottle for spraying on my head to keep cool in the hills, and a water bottle full of flat coke for a sugar and caffeine boost. I normally don't drink any stuff with caffeine in it, so even one bottle of coke or an energy gel packet with caffeine gives me a noticeable boost. :-)

I wasn't near as worn out at the end of the 3+ hours this week as I was last week.

I'll have to bring along a camera some week. It will give me a good excuse to stop, heh-heh. This week I saw some flamingos, a big iguanna, and lots of dirt, rocks, and cactus.

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