Sunday, June 19, 2011

Wheels in Washington Park

I remember the "Where's Waldo" books from when our son, Richard, was young. Here we have a variation, "where's the mtn. biker? It is easy to disappear in the wilds of Washington. Frank Bohm and the Freewieler Bike shop sponsored a bike ride in Washington Park today. I think there were 15 riders. Frank, left, is talking to Bud Gillan, right before the start of the ride. The Gillans volunteered to drive behind the riders in case anyone had any problems.

Below, Brad and Ethan ponder the restorative properties of Gatorade as they take a break at Slag Bai. The road from Slag Bai to the exit is still not open, after sustaining damage during the super rainy wet season. We rode in on the long route and back out on what is usually the short "in" route.

Below, TWR interns, Ethan (left) and Andrew (right), check out the whale skeleton with Smithstonian intern, Daniel.

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