Friday, June 10, 2011

US Vice Consul visits Bonaire

This past Thursday, Vice Consul Winifred Hofstetter from the US Consulate in Curacao made a working visit to Bonaire. Some passport related matters require one to sign papers in the presence of a US official, so consular officers come to Bonaire from time to time, so we don't have to make the trip to Curacao. I hadn't met the Vice Consul on her previous visit to Bonaire. We were probably on one of our medical trips to the States. She is a kind and helpful person, not officious at all, but she definately knows her stuff.

Trans World Radio has traditionally provided office space during these consular visits and this year was no exception.

Vice Consul Hofstetter also visited Jong Bonaire to make a donation of books. Jong Bonaire, in return, presented her with a copy of the Papiamentu/English dictionary originally published by TWR, but currently reprinted and distributed by Jong Bonaire.

The Vice Consul also had a working lunch at my wife's favorite restaurant, the Bistro de Paris. Those present included the chief consular warden for Boinaire, Michael Gaynor, and two new consular wardens, Bob Lassiter, and Pastor Baran of the International Bible Church.

In the photo from left to right, you can see: Pastor Baran, Vice Consul Winifred Hofstetter, Donna Gassert, Bob Lassiter and Michael Gaynor.

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