Wednesday, February 09, 2011

The Cool New Non-Dollar Dollar Coin

Donna, our bookkeeper here at the office, just came back from the bank with some cool BES commerative Dollar coins minted in Holland. In fact they are so cool I ran across the street to the bank and bought some myself. They'll make great gifts, unless their value goes through the roof and I can make a killing on eBay, ha-ha.

I think you have to be a resident to buy them from the bank. They wrote down my Sedula number on the order form. From what I'm reading online, one can supposedly use them as currency in the stores and banks here in the BES islands; but they they are not official US dollars, and they are obviously not Guilders nor Euros.

Here is a link to a somewhat humorous tongue-in-cheek story about the coin on a coin collecting Web site. The following excerpt captures the flavor of this mini article.
The islands Saba, St. Eustatius and Bonaire are now officially Dutch territory (part of Holland). So a day trip from Curacao to Bonaire means you were actually in Holland. Don't expect any tulips there though... That story tickles my funny bone and we certainly could use a little levity as we go through this comprehensive mind bogglingly life changing transition here on Bonaire, but not everyone may appreciate the tone.

So, now you know as much about the coin as I do, BUT I've got them and you don't.

Nyaaa - nyaaa!


Anonymous said...

Brad, I collect coins from places I visit. I just left Bonaire but forgot to get a coin. Can you send me an old guilder coin and one of the new ones? I can pay in advance! Kathy, Oregon

Brad said...

Hmmm, I don't have any of the old guilders... got rid of them in January. They're still used in Curacao though. Also, I want to keep my new coins. Maybe a local reader of this blog will see a business opportunity here and make coins available. I'll ask around a little bit. Kathy, send me an email, just in case I come up with something.