Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Bonaire Airport Renovations

The runway at our Flamingo International Airport and a lot of other things crucial to flight operations and safety are going to be upgraded beginning Feb. 13. The airport will be closed most nights, except for Fri. and Sat. for quite a few months.

The actual hours that the airport will be closed vary a little bit from night to night, probably to accomodate some long standing international flights. You can read all the details here on the Bonaire Insider.

If you are planning to fly to or from Bonaire at night during the first half of 2011, it would be wise to double check the schedule to make sure the airport will be open. :)

Feb. 09 - Here is an update to Brad's Bonaire Update, heh-heh.
The Flamingo airport has a new Web site that tells all about the construction project, and lets one check up on the arrival and departure times of flights. How cool is that?

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