Sunday, April 11, 2010

Marty's Tower Top Pix

I just was recently looking at Marty Montour's Facebook page and at the pictures he took while he was here on Bonaire helping with the antenna tower rebuild project. Marty owns a Hydroseeding company in Vermont, and volunteered to help TWR during his winter downtime. Before he left Bonaire, Marty gave me copies of a bunch of his pictures. Here are some that he took while he was up on the TWR towers. Above you can see the TWR transmitter hall and the WEB power plant.
Above is a great view looking south across the salt company crystallizer ponds.

Looking to the west, once can see divers in the water and on the shore. Marty saw dolphins swimming by one day as well.

Looking back towards town, one can see the houses of Bel Nem and a cruise ship coming in to port. Marty shot some video of a KLM plane landing at the airport, too.

Thanks for the great pix, Marty.

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