Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sandra's Jan. 28 Dr. visit

Sandra, had her big doctor visit Thursday, and they went over all the test results from the last six weeks. Although they did see some slightly abnormal things, there wasn’t any clear evidence of classic epilepsy brainwaves. So, they are going to try a different medication, just in case… and she’s going to be going to some other doctors for some more tests, to check out other things that could cause her symptoms.

One appointment is in May. The first slot they could get with this other doctor is in June. So I’m hoping that they can get her blood work and other doctor visits taken care of quickly so that maybe she can come back to Bonaire for a few months. We had tentatively been planning a two month furlough in the fall, so we might just move that up to June and do doctor visits at the same time. We won’t know for sure until they finish contacting all the doctors involved

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