Saturday, June 06, 2009

Wind Power Update

This past Sunday, on my way home from Washington Park, I drove through the Playa Grandi - Morotin area to check out the progress on the new Bonaire Wind Farm. The mile or so long trench has been filled in and holes have been dug for each of the tower bases. The big piles of coral rubble from each excavation served as good markers along the future line of wind generators.
These are some pretty big holes, but they are not as deep as I'd have thought they would be.
At the north end of the line, were the bare holes. As I moved south, I could see more and more progress on the foundations for the towers. Each hole had a 40' container next to it that apparently contained the preformed steel pieces that make up the re-bar cage for the foundation.

I think what we have here is the world's largest erector set. There is a LOT of steel in those holes. But the cage doesn't appear to be welded like the ones we made for our satellite dishes.

The new cement pump and boom appeared at the site this week. I didn't have a camera with me but Patti graciously shared one of her photos. Thank you.
This is the first of the foundations being poured. It was labeled #12, so I'll bet there will be 12 wind turbines out there. A person more enterprising than myself could drive or cycle along the line and count the holes to be sure.

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