Sunday, February 22, 2009

Moon and Planets

Well I had thought that I'd be on my bike at 6am today, but the walk/bike event to support Jong Bonaire is next week. This week is Carnival weekend. duh It was just clear enough this morning to spot the Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Mars (in order of appearance from upper right to lower left) lined up in the sky. The picture above is one of the first ones I took, when the sky was still pretty dark and Mars was just barely visible to the naked eye. There are a few stars visible as well.
Then the clouds moved in and it was a good while 'till I got some more chances to take pictures. I needed binoculars to spot Mars by this time, but it can still be seen in the above photo.
The Moon will be to the lower left of Mars tomorrow morning, as depicted in this illustration at Sky and Telescope. I'm hoping the clouds will let me get a picture Monday am, but I'm not holding my breath.

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