Friday, February 13, 2009

Erwin Muller

If you've a Bonaire old timer, you'll surely remember Erwin Muller. I first met him at the old Hotel Bonaire, across the street from the TWR offices and studios. Among other things, Erwin was the first one here to learn how to sail the original Windsurfer. Those big heavy boards with their ungainly teak booms and triangular sails didn't make much of an impression on me at the time, as I was caught up with catamaran sailing. But Erwin impressed me with his persistence as he fell in the water again and again, and climbed back on the board again and again. With time, he more than mastered the craft and became a local windsurfing legend. Since then, Erwin has always been around the water, both in the diving and fishing businesses.

Erwin's wife, Ellen, is a world class underwater photographer. Son Jason, one of our son Richard's favorite fishing buddies when they were kids (because Jason had a boat!) has made a successful career of that childhood passion. Sandra's cousin, Bud, always looks up Erwin and Ellen, when he visits Bonaire, to find out what has been happening on and under the water. Bud really values their insights.

I was shocked a few weeks ago, to hear that Erwin, at age 48, had suffered from a stroke and had been flown to Curacao. This week's Bonaire Reporter has an update on Erwin on page 3. (That's the Feb. 13 edition, if you are reading this much later.)

Family and friends have rallied in support of Erwin. Long time friend, Linda Baker, has set up a blog so we can track his recovery. For those who might desire to help Erwin and Ellen with their financial challenges of his illness, friends have set up a Maduro Bank account and a PayPal site for donations.

Erwin's 49th birthday is coming up on March 1. If you'd like to encourage him with a card, his address is: Erwin Muller, c/o Fundashon Mrg. P. I. Verriet, Salsbachweg 20, Santa Maria, Curacao, Netherlands Antilles, Dutch Caribbean. Better do it quickly since mail from North America, for example, takes a couple weeks to get here.

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peter beans said...

I was very sorry to hear of erwins prayers go out to him for a full recovery.
he and his wife are great people and gave Funchy and I a lot of help when we started smoking fish some years ago.they gave us credit
on the fish we smoked when nobody would.times were harder then and it was a brave move not forgoten
there is a special place in my heart for them and all my friends
in playar pa bo
peter beans