Saturday, January 26, 2008

Surprise Visit

One of Sandra's childhood friends, Pam Hogan, paid us a surprise visit here on Bonaire a week or so ago. I was "acting Director for a day" at TWR and couldn't break an appointment at the office that day, but Sandra was able to zoom around the island with Pam and her husband, Doug. Besides going around the north end of the island, they visited Pam's old stomping grounds in Belnem. It has changed so much, that they had a bit of difficulty identifying her old house on the seashore.

Pam and Doug have been to Bonaire a few times over the years. This time they arrived on a cruise ship for the day.

A week after Doug and Pam's visit, we received a Christmas card from Pam's parents, Denny and Pat Hogan, which mentioned that the kids might be coming! We got a ton of Christmas cards in January this year, which come to think of it, is pretty normal for us.

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