Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Computer Capers

Back about 10 years ago, Jeff and Glenda Haarer lived just down the street from us in Hato. Then they moved to Miami to help set up that TWR office. And now they are living in the Cary, NC area. Joe Barker and I take care of the day to day computer and network stuff here on Bonaire, but when there is serious work to be done, Jeff is our main IT guy. It is amazing what he can do with our Bonaire systems, through our secure tunnel to the Cary office.
Once in a while, some hands on attention is needed, so Jeff and company took advantage of the American Airlines fall fare sale and came to Bonaire last fall.
As you can see, everyone got into the act. They also had a great time visiting their old stomping grounds and seeing long lost friends.
Although Glenda is conspicuously absent from these photos, she did appear in this one from my Dec. 9 post.

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