Sunday, September 09, 2007

Neighborhood Watch

I wrote about our Hato neighborhood watch a few months ago. Among other things, it is used to alert us to suspicious activities and the like.

Here is what our neighbor wrote about what happened last night. This morning at 5 AM there has been an attempt to steal a scooter from our property. The big gate was locked. The thiefs came in and began to cut one of the wired fences to be able to get the scooter out of the yard. They were disturbed when our Rottweiler discovered them and jumped up and ran to them. The other dogs were then alarmed as well. The thiefs dropped the scooter and ran. After about ten minutes they came back to see whether they'd have another chance, by then I had turned on all the lights, went outside and lett all the dogs out. The intruders then disappeared. I didn't see anyone, they were behind the bushes, only my dogs saw them.

I had been wondering what sort of cute comment to write about this photo I shot the other afternoon, but in light of the above, I think there is nothing more to say. Well.... other than to comment that that coconut has since been consumed by the pictured MSU (mobile security unit), and that if you want to learn about the chair, click here.

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