Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Great Worldwide Star Count

Yippie, the moon was full 15 minutes ago, as I write this.... so it is going to rise around sunset tonight and then it will be coming up later and later each night. It's time to dust off the old telescope and hope for cloud free skies during the next two weeks.

If you don't have a telescope, be sure to head outside anyway. In fact, if you are into stargazing at all, and can find the Northern Cross in the Northern Hemisphere, or the Sagitarius Teapot in the Southern Hemisphere, you can contribute to an interesting science project examining the extent of light pollution around the world. Here is a Web page giving an overview of the project.

Here is where you can find out the details of how you can participate any time between October 1 and 15. I think I'll try it in my back yard in Hato and also maybe head out to Boca Onima or some other dark site and see if I can see more stars. Even if you live in a city or some other spot with lots of ambient light, your observations will still provide valuable information.

If any of you do this, how about commenting on this post with your location and results. Thanks.

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