Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Stargazing Season

I like the Southern Cross picture below better. It seems a little more natural some how, but the one on top may show up better on your monitor, if it is set darker than mine, which most are.
I drew a faint outline connecting some of the stars of the Sagittarius "teapot." You can click on these pictures to see them bigger and have a go at identifying the many Messier and other objects in this field of view. If anyone is interested, I be willing to create a version of the picture with some of the objects labeled. An even larger version of the picture below can be found here.

I had some astronomy photos on the blog right about this time last year. It seems like clear night skies are somewhat of a seasonal thing, like the kibrahacha tree pictures that grace the blog every year in May/June.

I took these images of the Southern Cross last week, as well as some detailed pictures of the region around the Scorpius "teapot" asterism. If you go over to last June in the archives, you can compare last year's pix with this year's versions.
The original version of this year's teapot picture, which I didn't post, because even as a jpeg it is 3-4 meg. in size is really detailed. I can identify loads of star clusters and nebula on it. There are interesting objects that I can see in the picture that I can't even spot with my 10x50 binoculars. Larger binoculars would probaby pull them all in.

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