Thursday, June 21, 2007

More Airtime for Cuba

This month we've increased our Spanish language broadcasts to Cuba and the Dominican Republic from two to three hours per night. Morning Spanish language programming is directed South to Venezuela and Colombia.

One of the new programs is a Spanish language adaptation of Pastor Chuck Smith's radio program called, "The Word for Today." This new program is being produced by RTM (TWR) Uruguay.

We also recently began airing the original English language version of this program, and it is proving to be one of the most popular programs with our listeners. Pastor Chuck's slow delivery and down to earth style seem to connect well with people in the Caribbean and Guyana.

We have seen a huge increase in listener response from Cuba this year, and TWR's new recording studio there just became fully operational last month. New churches are popping up by the thousands in Cuba. North Americans would think of them as "small groups" or house churches, because public meetings of groups larger than 20 require all sorts of "red tape" and special permissions. Bible survey programs like Thru the Bible and in depth Bible book studies like Chuck Smith is doing are a perfect fit for these young believers.

Here are excerpts from a couple letters in response to our broadcasts this year.

from Matanzas, Cuba
The love of God is mystical and timely. I found myself along with my family engulfed in sad thoughts. It was like looking with pain at how men continue to crucify Jesus on the cross. That night, being very perplexed, we found on our small radio a station that broke through the distance of the ocean and ether waves that brought new breath to our spiritual lives. For the first time we heard from Bonaire the pure, unadulterated Word of God. Thank you, God, for your timing. We thank you for your study on the book of Esther. God is in the shadows in spite of it all, taking care of His people. God is not mocked. Thank you, a thousand thanks for this night. Please, can we have the notes and outlines? God bless you.

from Villa Clara, Cuba
I would like to begin this letter congratulating you for making it possible for the words of the Lord to be heard by every heart that listens to this program.

You need to know that here in Cuba many people listen to your program. It is very good because it fills us spiritually with joy and the knowledge about the Word of God. Thank you for such a good program. I hope you continue making as good a program as this one. It is very good that there are programs like this because people need it…I just want to tell you that you need to continue making a program like this one. May God bless you.

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