Friday, April 13, 2007

Bike Tour Pix

Bonaire Wellness Connexions, located at Eden Beach Resort, sponsored their third Mountain Bike tour last Saturday. There were different routes for riders of varying abilities, but the routes crisscrossed at a few places so we could compare notes on the ride and stock up on fruit and energy drinks.
Thank you Miguel for these action photos from the ride. I kept the thumbnails small for quicker downloading, but you can click on them to see them bigger if you want to do so.
This month's ride included some of the not so well known "donkey trails" to the north of Sabadeco. They are lots of fun to ride, but they take their toll on one's tires and tubes, because of all the thorns scattered on the ground on these trails. Frank, owner of the Freewieler bike shop graciously performed trail side repairs of a bunch of flat tires.

The wet spots on my tire, in the below photo are all places where Slime brand tire sealant has plugged up a puncture. The green spatters all over my bike frame are from Slime that escaped before the tube was plugged.
The next tour is scheduled for May 13 and there will be a fun Race in June.

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