Wednesday, March 14, 2007

New Links to Pictures

I just edited the "Links" section on the right hand side of this blog page. Our "twrbonaire dot com" web site isn't working right now, so I removed that link.

I added a link to my new Panoramio web photo album. I'm putting Bonaire scenery pictures there that should eventually get linked to the Bonaire map on Google Earth. I've added a few more pictures since the last time I wrote about this. The above picture of the hill to the south of Dos Pos is the most recent addition. There is a very nice hiking trail, clearly marked with pink rocks, that climbs partway up this hill, traverses around it to the back side, and then climbs up to the top. You can see the terraced trail, partway up the hill, quite clearly in this picture, if you click on it to see the bigger version.

I also added a link to my new Picassa Web Album. Blogger is in the process of copying all the photos from this blog to that album. Only the last few months' photos are there so far, but that should change soon. So if you ever want to look for a photo that you remember seeing here, but can't remember what month or what year! you first saw it, the quick way to find it might be in this Picassa album.

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