Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Morao Hill in Washington Park

Here is a picture of Morao hill, in Washington Park, as seen from the top of Seri'Camina, the next hill over to the North-Northeast.

Morao is the hill that I took the panoramic photo of Brandaris from. In this picture, you can see Brandaris in the background to the right side of Morao.The view from the top of Morao is actually very very nice, and it is waaaaayyyy easier to climb than Brandaris.

In fact, there is a cement road part way up the hill. You can see it at the bottom middle of the picture. We went up the cement road, and continued up the dirt road to the top left corner of the picture, and then headed right along the top of the ridge to the top of the hill. When we came down, we cut across the slope and caught the dirt road part way back to the cement one.

A slightly larger version of this picture can be found on the panoramio site.

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Dongato's Girl said...

Hey Brad! I love you blog! I really miss Bonaire. :(