Thursday, October 19, 2006

Plane Panoramas

I've stitched together a couple panoramas from pictures I took on last Saturday's Cessna ride with Ernie Franke.

In the top picture we are looking back towards the west from a spot over lac bay. You can see the TWR towers in the distance towards the left side, and then Belnem, the airport, Kralendijk, Hato, the oil terminal etc. as you look from left to right.
If you want to see all the available detail, follow this link to the full size image. It is about 700 pixels tall and very wide. If you set up your web browser to not resize the images, you can scroll back and forth on a full screen height view.

The other picture shows Red Slave and the South corner of bonaire. It is similar to, but wider than, a picture I posted a while back. Click here to get the full size image that you can scroll back and forth on. You might just be able to get a glimpse of the new radar tower that is going up on the shore, at the extreme right side of the picture.

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