Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Playa Chikitu

One of the really picturesque spots in Washington Park is the beach, Playa Chikitu. I used to body surf there a couple times a week back in the late 70's with Ron Zensen, but don't do it any more. This is a long distance view looking towards Playa Chikitu, from my favorite hill west of Rincon. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Hello Brad,

I will come over from the netherlands in october and was wondering if this place is surfable? (Without a sail) Said you used to do body surfing overthere. If so i will bring a board.

Kind regards Johan

Brad said...

I can't remember if anyone has tried surfing at Playa Chikitu or not. It is not a very wide inlet. I'll ask around. I know that some of my son's friends used to do some surfing at Playa Grandi (just east of the Park entrance), around the Willemstoren lighthouse area, and a little south of the Marcultura Shrimp farm. (which is a little south of Sorobon.
I don't think that the surfing is worth travelling here for, so to speak.
If Mike or Carol Solbach are ever on "bonairetalk" you could ask them about it.