Sunday, May 28, 2006

Our House

Ivan, Benny, and Udo painted our house last week. It hadn't been painted since before we moved in six or so years ago and was looking pretty faded. Now it is looking fine in a light gray color, with grass green trim.

How the guys managed to not get paint all over the very inquisitive dogs is a mystery to me, but they pulled it off.

The tree at the far left is the Wayak√°, that was blooming recently. The two trees in the middle are Flamboyant trees. I'm not a fan of this tree, which looks dead most of the year, but the dogs love the huge seed pods. The tree at the right is a Tamarein. It also stays green all year like the Wayak√°. I trim it from time to time, so it doesn't look shaggy like it would in the wild. Posted by Picasa

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