Wednesday, October 12, 2005

TWR E-Snapshots

I've been telling people at our furlough meetings about the various ways they can stay up to date on the doings of TWR around the world.

I subscribe to the TWR e-snapshots email service. It is only one email per month, but sometimes I learn about cool stuff that I put in this blog.

For example, this month has brief stories about: new programs for Niger, a Swiss lady who married a guy she knew was HIV - positive, new developments in India, and an update on the new Spanish program for South American pastors and church leaders.

I first wrote about it on May 24, 2004 and it looks like it is progressing well.

Pastors and church leaders in Latin America are hearing and benefiting from a popular radio program called Escuela Biblica (Bible School), a broadcast aimed at providing solid biblical training to those who teach God's Word to others. In countries like Venezuela, Peru, the Dominican Republic, Chile and Uruguay, the 15-minute weekly broadcast is a theological shot in the arm for many lay shepherds who lack seminary education or sound doctrine.
We've aired this program for about two years, and it's getting a tremendous response, says Annabel Torrealba, director of RTM-Venezuela, a TWR partner ministry. Torrealba says her staff has received numerous requests for correspondence materials and other Christian literature. These resources are used to help prepare sermons that are preached every Sunday, she explains.
Besides providing theological instruction to existing pastors and leaders, the Escuela Biblica broadcast helps emerging evangelists and believers experience growth in Christ. The program covers topics like discipleship, the ministry of the Holy Spirit, parables of Jesus and spiritual maturity, says Torrealba.

You can sign up for e-snapshots and a bunch of other good TWR stuff here on the TWR web site.

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