Thursday, October 27, 2005

Moab Musings

My brother and his wife and Sandra and I all piled into the car early Tuesday morning and drove from Denver to Moab, Utah, for a day and a half of biking and hiking. We saw lots of terrain that reminded us of Bonaire, but on a mind bogglingly larger scale.

The world famous Slick Rock trail was really tricky to ride without doing serious bodily injury, but we managed to pull it off. It was also a lot of fun in an extremely challenging sort of way, and the views were awesome as well.

You can click on the pictures to see them bigger.

My brother and I cycled into Arches National Park the back way through the desert and ended up at this Balanced Rock area. We then met up with our wives and checked out other parts of the park by car.

This is called "Delicate Arch". We had to hike a mile and a half each way to see this up close and personal, but it was totally well worth it. The whole area was really beautiful in a rugged sort of way. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

*is very very jealous* :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a nice trip. I hope I can get out there some day.