Monday, September 05, 2005

Annual Biker Weekend

Our mountain bike race is next weekend. This past weekend was for bikers of the Harley Davidson kind. It's become an annual event, with bikers coming from Curacao and Aruba. Here are some of the bikes parked at Habitat.

Sandra and her cousin, Bud, were snorkeling way out in the deep water off of Andrea 2 the other day when Sandra heard an ominous rumbling. The clouds were looking weird so she thought "tornado" but didn't spot one. Then she looked around for approaching boats, but none were approaching. Finally they realized that it was the 100+ motorcycles going on a tour around the north end of the island.

On Sunday, we were just leaving the TWR studio building when we heard the rumbling approaching and saw an amazing site. The bike parade came from town, rode around the traffic circle and headed back towards town. The bright colors, flashing chrome, and thundering rumbles would have made a great video sequence as the seemingly endless stream of bikes passed by itself, coming and going on both sides of the road.

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