Saturday, December 06, 2003

Wind and Windsurfing return to Bonaire

A blizzard is blustering today in the northeastern USA but the weather here on Bonaire couldn't be nicer. We had a very hot and windless fall, but the tradewinds kicked back in this week just in time for the second annual Professional Windsurfing Association's King of the Caribbean freestyle meet. This is the second year that the PWA freestyle champion has been decided at the final meet of the year, on Bonaire.

Bonaire is ideal for learning to windsurf because of the onshore winds and the shallow waters of Lac Bay at Sorobon. It turns out to be great for learning and showing off the advanced moves of freestyle too.

Here are some pictures of Saturday's action. Click on the thumbnails to get a bigger image and click on that image to get an even bigger one if you want to.

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