Thursday, December 04, 2003

Bowling Alley opens on Bonaire

Yes, bowling has come to Bonaire, and the owners are organizing a business bowling league. The "TWR Ten Pins" are planning to participate in it as an "out of the salt shaker" initiative. The last I heard, there are five teams signed up. We'll know more after tonight's organizational meeting.

Since it has been many many years since we have lived in the land of fast food, overcrowded shopping malls, bowling, and all the other things most people take for granted we expect to bowl poorly, but have lots of fun, and make new friends.

Here is a picture of the new bowling alley, which is located in the building that used to house the movie theater in downtown Kralendijk.

It is actually pretty dark in there, with "black light" illumination and fluorescent bowling balls. I guess we'll need suntan lotion for bowling as well as all our outdoor activities here on Bonaire!

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