Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Landsailing on Bonaire

On our way back from Rincon on Sunday, we stopped off at the new land sailing site.

It wasn't very windy at all, I could not have gotten going on my windsurfer for sure, but the carts were zooming along quite nicely with a three meter sail. If I were here on a windsurfing vacation and it was not windy enough to boardsail, I know where I would want to spend the day.

We talked with Nelson Croft, one of the owners, who was very friendly and very enthusiastic about these little gizmos, called Blokarts. Zooming around in these things looks like a LOT of fun, and Nelson said that it is quite easy to learn how to sail/drive one, even for kids.

The landsailing venue used to be in the middle of nowhere out in the Washikimba area, which was dusty and hard to reach. Now that they are located right on the main road to Rincon, I think that this sport could really take off.

The carts can be packed in a canvas duffel pack for transport to the site and assembled quite quickly. The crude shelter reminds me of Jibe City in the early days. If I didn't already have too many hobbies, and a garage full of windsurf gear, I know I'd surely be hooked immediately.Posted by Picasa

Based on how nicely the karts were zooming around in "no wind" I can bet that they would be a riot when the wind kicks up to 20 knots or so.

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