Thursday, March 08, 2018

Three Morning Planets

While Mercury and Venus grace the early evening skies, there are three bright planets lined up in the pre-dawn hours.  This week, the moon is moving among the planets.

I shot a picture of the moon and planets lurking between the clouds this morning at 6:15. (March 8)  I've included lines to show where the planets are. The sky is light enough around 6am, that only the planets are visible. From left to right, the planets are Saturn, Mars and Jupiter

I'm also including three screen grabs from Stellarium that show where the moon was compared to the planets this morning, and where it will be Friday morning and Saturday morning. So if you have clear skies, you can go out before dawn and use the moon to lead you to three planets. You'll no doubt want to view these images at full size to be able to spot the planets.

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