Friday, May 06, 2016

Starry Nights

It has been very cloudy and hazy lately, which is great for bike riding and for working outdoors, but not good for stargazing.  Last night was quite clear.
I'm working on a picture similar to my recent Large Magellanic Cloud over the slave huts picture.  This new one will have the Southern Cross and Eta Carina Nebula over the slave huts.
The LMC picture was a single image.  This one will be a three row by three column panorama, which I hope I can print big.  I've got the top row stitched together, but haven't yet worked on the middle row or the bottom row.  So I still don't know if this is going to work or not.
The original pano is 8500 x 3500 pixels in size.  This image has been downsized to 1024 by 400-ish.  The Southern Cross is on the left side of the image.  It looks like a diamond shaped kite.  The bottom three stars are bluish and the one at the tip of the kite is yellowish.
The Eta Carina nebula is the large reddish blob towards the right side of the picture.  There are quite a few other nebulae and clusters visible in the image as well.
For example, IC2602, the open cluster at the bottom edge of the image, below the Eta Carina nebula, is commonly known as the Southern Pleiades.  There are also nice clusters to the upper left and lower right of the Eta Carina nebula.  There are a few small clusters in and around the Southern Cross.  And then there is the "Coal Sack" dark nebula to the lower left of the Southern Cross.

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yeah!! Keep up the good work, most people suffer from light pollution, You are rich! LOL